Key West fishing photos, aboard Charter boat
"Looney Tunes" with Capt. Carl Rees

bro2.jpg (71261 bytes) These two guys have a secret weapon for catching fish.
Chip and Mike swear that cans of pressurized cheese
in different flavors is their number one weapon in catching
a variety of fish consistently.
Now I know karma can infulence your every day life but
after you look at some of the fish they caught, maybe cheese
should be in your tackle box. It's a bit like "got milk".

One of many Muttons Chip caught.

bro3.jpg (85298 bytes) Even Black grouper could not resist their cheeesee powers!
bro4.jpg (77699 bytes) bro6.jpg (63740 bytes)
The very nice Dolphin and Almoco Jack
was landed with the help of Cheddar cheese.
They tell me that fishing
offshore requires a sharper
variety of cheese.
bro5.jpg (68995 bytes) bro1.jpg (86459 bytes)
After explaining how rare it is to catch Cubera snapper and that only a few are landed each year at Oceanside marina
(especially on light tackle) they consumed massive doses
of Cheese. I was definitely impressed with their ability to
eat all the cheese themselves while coaxing the fish to come get some.

Was a great two days of fishing guys and I look forward to seeing you again soon.

Thanks, Capt. Carl Rees

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