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The Key West Fishing Photo Page, is dedicated to the Anglers that fight the hard battles and to fisherman everywhere. Billfish, Tarpon and Sharks are never brought onboard the "Looney Tunes". I encourage their release in a manner that is as harmless to them as possible. Pulling a Billfish, Tarpon or Shark onboard for a photo can cause serious damage to them. Proper catch and release of game fish ensures a healthy resource for the future of all anglers.
Capt. Carl Rees
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All links on this page lead to New photos of anglers who have fished aboard the "Looney Tunes", along with a copy of the home page. You may even see photos that have fisherman, but no fish.  After all, not every day is a "Kodak Catch".

Note: Captain Carl Rees is retired and not available for fishing charters.

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Angler Photos

Tim Root and Brian Botford

Steve Bergman Dakota and Eathan

Robert and Scott Goldsmith and Mike Cohen
World Record Fish

Bernie Berry, Sammy, Steven and Joe

Barbara, Alley, Gene and Travis

Steve and Matt Ceo

Randy Hicks and Larry Nuckols

Mike and Kimmie Andrews

Steve Lineberger and sons John and Steven

Chris Meyer, Mary Lou and Derek

Bill, Clark and Rich

Jed Horwitt

Vance, Don, Bill and Steve

Steve Richards

Doug and Beverly Coolman

Steve Smith, Jim  McIntosh, Patrik Svensson and Berry Johnson

Derek and Janet Knapp

Bronson Troyer and Mark Isom

Shane and Mackenzie

Jon Coltune and Todd

Jim Allain and son Cory

Edward Peck

Greg and Sharon Harshaw

Dave Henize and Bob

Bob and Tracie Brannon

Dave Dalva

Steve and Travis

Scott Ginder and Family

Dan Bergeson and Suzy

Ed and Bud

Walter Cain, Scott, Eric and Joe

Matt Beckett and Gina

Jerry and Larry

John Phillips

Darrell Jr. Darrell Sr. and Ron

John and Suzanne Hauprich
3 World Record Fish

Pete, Dave and Michelle Dalva

Trent and Travis Greene / Alan Meeks

Bob Roma

Jed Horwitt

Bruce Hulick, Paul Milo and George Seifert

George, Paulette, Sharon and Bob

Steve Richards and Daughter Crista

Toby Dashbach, Roger and Chris

Key West Drambuie Blue Marlin

David Jones

Gary Platt and Eric

Shawn Gill and Rick

Bruce Williams and party

Mike and Todd

Clark Pitcher

Logan Germaine
World Record Fish

Bob Kay and Son Chris

Dale and Sean Vandermolen
and Brian

Paul and Charlotte Moore

Huey and Charles Kidd

Mike Sharky and Kieth

Bill Goodman

John Zurcher

Irving Schwartzman

Qualls Family

Chris and Will Arrington

Roger Greene

Judy Greene

Live Fish harvesting

Kenny Kathan, Matt and Rick

Michael Denmark

Laird Miller

Dr. Ed Steinmetz and Bud Brewer

Ryon Logan

Mark and Lou

Chris Andrew and Eric

Richard Casey  
World record Fish

Todd Tennen

Fred and Jacob

Mark, Mitchell, GE
Bill and Scott

World Record Fish

Vance, Don and Steve
World Record fish

Dick Paxton and Daughter

Vance, Steve, Bill, Don, and Chris

Mike Lamanna, Andy, Tori and Alan

Ken and Eric Browning

Dan Morey, Ray and Rob

Peter and Matt Crump

Joe, Mike and Raul

Nick and Todd

Russell Piovesan, Russell Jr. and Jerry

Mike and Kimmie Andrews


Information on Chartering
     Light Tackle Fishing Key West
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Fishing Report  - By Capt. Carl Rees
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Art Warner, Paul, Allan and Bill

Dr. Ed Steinmetz and Bud Brewer page 2

Brad and Drew Collins

Jim and Loretta Barfield

Ken and Linda Prigodich

Jeff Hart

Chad Loxsom

Mike and Jose'

Abu Garcia tackle testing photos
aboard the "Looney Tunes"

Mike Andrew

Tournament time
with Ed, Bud and Doug

Marco, Mike and Mike

Norway... Abu Garcia
A great bunch of guys!!

Andy Stark

Christy, Lauren, Bob and Eric

Mark and Patsy Carter

Brian Doyle and Vicky Smith

Ed, Bud and Doug page 3

Bruce Hulick and Gary Kettleson

Bill and Shielia Capt. Carl Rees

John, John and John Abu Garcia Team

Dan Findlay and  Ben Findlay

Steve Gombar and son Jake

Mike Hough and Kevin Atkinson

Freddie O'Connor, Dave, Billy and Billy

Sonny and Roy

Skip Mountcastle

Alpren Family

Ralph Lederman

Tony DiPietro and Andy Jones

Tom Jones and Greg Wilkerson

Ron and Carrol McQueen

Vincent and Jennifer

Matt Morley
Andy and Andrew

Jay Drury and Vennesa

Alex , Celeste  and Jonathan Lipworth

Lobster - Lobster - Ryan , Carter Logan and friend

Allyce Tennen (Little angler)

Pedro Alverez and Pedro Jr.

Greg Di Domenico
Ken and KJ

Terry Helmsing, Rick and Dennis

Freddie O'Connor Dave And Billy

Rick Czepinski, Alan and Lance

Alan, Zach, Dustin and Shawn

Ferris Perry, David and Mike

William Kucek, Kirsten and Amy

The Gustavsons, Bill, Marty Daniel and Eric

David Pace

Mike Berry and Barb Berry

Joe Ferrigno, Dale Dunluvy
and Dillon Ferrigno

Eva Steinmetz, Brian and Mitch

Dan Cason and Friends

Derekie McDowell

John Bates

Mike Greenway and Rick Czepinski

Steve Dorsey, wife Johnnie Dorsey and son Nick Dorsey

Skip Mountcastle, 
Joe Zimmerman, Ralph and Derek Glaze

Bob Fafard and son Matt

Bill and Patricia Reinhardt

Dr. Michael Alpren and family. Mica and Mandy

Mike Moore and Lynn Moore

Bill and Terri Bailey

Russ Schwartzman

Tyler McGannon Pee Wee angler

Jim and Catrina Winter

Malcolm McCollum and Walt Wesley

Donna, Susie and Kay

Aquaculture Class 98

Bill Sciturro

Charles and Paul Argento

Charles Argento Sailfish

The Littleton Family

Clark Pitcher and Sons

John and Suzanne Two world 
Record fish.

Michelle King, Dave, Charles and Stephanie

Chip and Mike
"The Cheese Guys"

Ed Fayder

Todd Tennen

John Bates, Tony and Jeff

Derek and Tony

Brad VandenBerg and Brad Jr.

Bill Loveall, Ann Denny and Rick Schmidt

Hal Kravitz, Javier and Clarence

Dave Jones
Margaret,Sharon and John

Jim Harrison and
Daken Foley

Mike Garcia page 2

Mike Feeley and Kelly

Kurt and Susan

Doug Scallion
Brandon and Ben

Joe Costa

Curt Howe, Roger, Jeff and John

Robert Remillard, Dan and Doug

Jake, Freddie, Sammy and Al

Todd Tennen #2