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Don, Vance and Steve had great weather and great fishing. With ideal conditions for working deep water they put the hurt on the Mutton snapper along with numerous Almaco Jacks. While the Jacks were let go to fight another day. The snapper made their way home to become excellent eating for the guys.

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Vance with a very large Mutton Snapper. Vance... a note for you, Don and Steve. We have been working on the 2lb. and 4lb. test, to set new records for muttons. So far we have only gotten close, if we don't break it this year, I may have to get you guys to come show us how it's done. Enjoyed the day and look forward to seeing you again real soon. Capt. Carl Rees

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Proudly showing the mutton he pulled in on 8lb. test line
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Looking good Steve!! All the paper work is in and it usually takes 90 days to hear back from the IGFA. Fish weighed in at 22 lb. 12 oz. It was caught on 8lb. test and though the line may over test, it will still beat the 12lb. record. Congratulations Steve! Steve's fish was approved by the IGFA and is still the current world record on 8 lb., as of this date, Sept. 4, 2001.



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